The Beauty Of Turkey And Ugliness That Is Losing Your Files

Experience the Beauty of Turkey



Endless tales of delectable kebabs, glasses of flavorsome tea, and haggling in the exciting bazaars—these are just some of the many wonderful things you can experience when you’re visiting Turkey. You can never really experience the life in this beautiful country until you’ve tried on these things.


Here are some of the fun facts about Turkey.


Did you know not all men in Turkey have moustaches or beards? It is a typically recurring stereotype. In fact, you are likely to encounter younger generations of Turkish men that prefer to be clean-shaven. However, many that do have facial hair are the men belonging to the older generation.


Camels are not that common in Turkey. However, you may see them in popular attractions. Someone discovered that tourists wanted to be photographed with these animals or simply want to see them. Thus, it’s no surprise you can see camels lined up in tourist spots.


Another misconception about this country is that Turkey does not have a desert. This explains why camels are not among the common modes of transportation among locals.


Arabic and Kurdish are the languages spoken by minority groups in the country, but Turkish is its official language. Turkish, however, is not related to Arabic but may have words in common. Did you know Turkic language in general, of which Turkish is a part, is also spoken in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and other Central Asian nations?


When in Turkey, look forward to an awesome barbeque opportunity every meal time. Dinner, lunch, and breakfast, they serve it grilled. Did you know there are restaurants in Turkey that allow you to cook grilled meals the way you like it? You get a plate full of meat and a pre-heated grill; the rest is up to you.


Soap operas aren’t just big in the U.S. and Latin countries; it’s also a favorite pastime among locals in Turkey. Households tune to a diverse selection of soap operas as every Turkish region has its own. These TV shows aren’t just shown in their respective areas; Turkey’s neighboring countries as well as the rest of the Arab world and Central Asia are part of the big audience. The popularity of Turkish soap operas contributed to an increase in the country’s tourism.


When locals invite you over even if they barely know you, just relax. Turkish people are naturally very hospitable and friendly. As a guest, you will be doing them an honor if you accept their invitation. And don’t be surprised if they ask too many questions about your personal life. They are just inquisitive and are comfortably speaking about their personal details, even with people they barely know.


If you’ve had the chance to visit Turkey, get your camera ready. You’re in for pleasant surprise. With its breath-taking views, you’ll be busy with your camera.


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The Nazis with the Leftist ideology were threats to society or not?

team-386673_640According to a debate related with the Nazis, the placement of the Nazis in the political spectrum has enjoyed a new beginning of late.  This debate never was out of focus but with recent times, there has been something with the new birth. For this, the bizarre suspension is to be thanked which was re-tweeted by Dr. Rachel Frosh, who is from the Conservative Party Candidate. This tweet was linked to Nazism and Socialism.

This is indeed an embarrassing matter and, in fact, a sad and clear comment about the words “Never again” is just higher than the hollow slogan. If the proposal is refused to accept and is challenged to the ideological origins of any movement, there is no precise way to prevent from facing the same again. The ideological movements concluded in a systematic murder of numerous of human beings those are innocent.

The facts of Leftist ideology

Looking at some defining features of conservatism is the easiest way that would prove that the origins of Nazism are not remotely conservative in any way. The few of the defining features are mentioned below.

  • The society rooted in aristocracy and monarchy is preferred as a mass democracy.
  • There is a transcendental moral order which is preserved in Western Civilization and passed down through the Church.
  • The foundations of ordered liberty are the property rights
  • The universal conservative belief defines that any necessary societal change must slowly occur without damaging the structural institutions of ancient and those which are proven.
  • The social problems don’t come from the broken traditions and the institutions rather these comes from men whose morals are broken.

Hitler and his thoughts as Leftist

  • It can be said that Nazism had no love for monarchy or aristocracy.
  • This can be concluded as Hitler didn’t reinstate the House of Hohenzollern and made himself the Dictator.
  • This belief that the son of a minor servant, Hitler himself, had the right to rule over Germany can be hardly called as traditionally conservative.
  • Apart from these, it is well known that Hitler disliked the aristocratic military establishment.
  • The lack of “Von” in front of his surname was a permanent chip on his shoulder.
  • Himmler, as was granted, liked to play feudal lord with the SS, but his thoughts were based on feudalism.
  • All of these defines clearly that the conservative feature number two is Christianity.
  • It is clearly documented that Himmler was obsessed with paganism.
  • Hitler would have viewed SS as his body guard, but Himmler viewed as pagan knights templar who were destined to recreate a utopic, pre-Christian Teutonic society.

The Influence of Leftist Ideology

  • The Christian ideology of the Nazism had rejected the Jewish Bible in its entirety and also had rejected Jesus’ Jewish origins.
  • This wished to wipe Catholicism off from the earth and thus a united Nazi Protestant Church was created.
  • The Nazis had no respect for the traditional property rights.
  • They had nationalized industries, advocated progression taxation schemes and were virulently anti-capitalist.
  • The Nazis were called as the “Right Wing” from the first itself but was a slander employed by other socialists that meant to discredit the socialists of distinctly nationalist.