In case you flout the FTC internet rules, you are bound to face punishment by the federal trade commission. The laws are clearly spelt out in the constitutions and one should not use the excuse of not knowing them, as that is not a point that the judge or jury can comprehend. You therefore need to know all these laws before you start to create and post those adverts in the internet. There are various ways in which the federal trade commission can punish those who break these rules, which include the following.


Through the use of the courts, the federal trade commission can ask the courts to issue certain injunctions, which will curtail your normal life. These include freezing of your assets, which involves you not getting the service from your assets, restraining order where you will be held, or your movements will be restrained among many others. There is an act in the constitution that gives the federal courts the powers to punish you on the best way they deem right.

Consent orders

This is where an order is given the orders to continue with your business but your freedom of future ads is curtailed. In this form of punishment, you are ordered to pull down the ad that has violated the FTC laws on internet, but for the future ads on that particular product, you are required to consult the FTC staff on the substantiation of the claims. This means that any future ad you will be curtailed or you will lack the freedom to do as you pleases. This is a soft punishment.

Cease and Desist Orders

This is in the extreme cases where the two of you the federal trade commission and you do not reach an agreement, or if your violation has, greater risks top the consumers. The FTC therefore will offer the services of the FTC commission so that you can have an administrative hearing. During this period of the administrative hearing, you will be offered with an order restraining you from carrying the ad in question until the hearing is complete.

Civil Penalties

In case there is clear evidence that you violated the laws, the FTC can charge you a penalty amounting to $16,000 of money per each violation in a certain day. One of the questions after paying this penalty is – can you buy necessary equipment for your business with available budget. This means that as long as you continue airing the ad the more the penalty will continue to grow. This is a large sum of money, which you could have used to do other businesses. This therefore will make you accrue great losses by only airing an ad that you would have corrected earlier on.

Instead of running into these problems with the FTC, it is wise to correct the advertisement before you air it as it can cause great losses. There is also a question of legal ringless voicemails.

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Purchasing legal cannabis in Seattle

Purchasing legal cannabis in Seattle

More states are passing laws that allow people to use medical marijuana. That means it’s becoming more and more common to come across a business that specializes in cannabis sale. Why would someone want or need cannabis in the first place? Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a preparation of the Cannabis plant intended for use as a psychoactive drug or medicine. Cannabis is mostly used recreationally or as a medicinal drug. Pain is usually  the main reason people ask for a prescription. There have been studies looking at the beneficial effects of cannabis in cancer, AIDS, depression, nausea when using chemotherapy and various neurological diseases – eg, multiple sclerosis (MS).It may also be used as part of religious or spiritual rites. In 2013, between 128 and 232 million people used cannabis.  In 2015, almost half of the people in the United States have tried marijuana, 12% have used it in the past year, and 7.3% have used it in the past month. If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal and your doctor thinks it would help, you’ll get a “marijuana card.” You will be put on a list that allows you to buy marijuana from an authorized seller, called a dispensary.


IF you would like to legally purchase cannabis from a dispensary, the City of Seattle has an offer in the form of “A Greener Today”- Seattle. “A Greener Today” is among the most prominent dispensaries in Kings County, WA. With two locations in the Seattle area, they strive to employ a knowledgeable staff in order to help patients with any questions they may have. “A Greener Today” is active in the event circuit as well. The primary goal of “A Greener Today” is to exceed the expectations of its customers for what a medical cannabis access point should be. They aim to provide their clients with superior quality medicine and service. Its staff is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable in the region and is dedicated to making sure every patient’s medical needs are satisfied “A Greener Today” has earned honors in a number of competitions over the past few years such as; 2013 US Marijuana Cup (Seattle) for the Best Sativa (OG Ghost Train Haze) – 3rd place, and 2013 Secret Cup: Pacific Northwest Regional for Best Solventless (Fire Power Bubble Hash) – 1st place. You can find “A Greener Today” at 16053 Aurora Ave N Suite B Seattle, WA 98133, or visit the website for more information.

Another choice would be “Seattle Cannabis Co.” which offers a  a wide selection of top shelf, locally-sourced cannabis products from over 20 of Washington’s top producers. You can browse between a large number of marijuana products including flowers, concentrates, edibles and smoking accessories. All the strains available  are clearly labeled with THC and CBD content for one’s convenience. If edibles are more of your thing, you can choose from delicious brownies, cookies, candies and more – all produced with a consistent dose of either 5mg or 10mg of THC.

You can visit “Seattle Cannabis Co” at 3230 1st Ave S. Seattle WA or visit their website for more information.

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What do you know about indoor golf trainers?

What do you know about indoor golf trainers?

Owning an golf swing trainer at your home can really help you keep in summer shape. It is well known that by doing something for 21 days it becomes a habit using a golf swing trainer for 30 days will help you build your muscle memory as well.

Golf swing trainer comes in two versions, indoor and outdoor. The difference between indoor and outdoor golf swing trainers is that outdoor models have heads on them so you can hit practice balls with them.  All indoor swing trainers have the proper grip built in the club so you will be keeping the proper grip while you do your swing workouts. One of the benefits of golf trainer is that it will give you chance to get a lot of repetition.  At the same time, golf trainer is heavier that the average club so that means that you will not only work on your muscle memory but you will be building muscle tone as well.

The average weight is between 1.5 and 2 pounds or 24 to 32 ounces. This weight is more for 10-36 handicape range. It can really help you improve your swing! You can purchase a swing analyzer along with your golf trainer, which has you hit an attached ball and it will give you an instant feedback on where an actual ball would have gone. Because they are portable   you can pack it  when you are going on a business trip or store it in the drawer of your desk. They can be used everywhere, at your office, home and backyard. Indoor models are much shorter so you can use them even in your office, during your break time. Because the are not big you can use them without being afraid that you will break or damage something in your office or at your house. It will be  enough for you to use indoor golf trainers for practice 3-5 minutes during the day, 3-4 times a week to stay in shape.

indoor golf 2However, it is important to remember that as we get old we need to stretch before our play or practice and swing trainer will help you stretch your muscles. Read more about golf training aid here.


To people who have never been playing golf before putting may seem as an easy skill to master. However, anyone who is having at least a bit of golfing experience will tell you that is not as easy as it may seem. Among many things you are supposed to learn how to adopt the right putting technique and putting style, how to read putting greens. You need a lot of practice to get even close to mastering this art of putting.

Basically, to practice putting you just need a practice green with a regulation hole. Indoor golf putting mats come in various shapes and sizes. They come with variable contours, some are 10-15 feet long, they have automatic ball returns  and some even have a flag. It depends on how much money you want to spend and what you really need for your practice.

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Finding a Great Job in Turkey

Finding a Great Job in Turkey

Sometimes when you come from another country and you need to get a job, you may feel like you are undesirable, or even like you are never going to find one. This is not true because in every country employer appreciates honest, valuable, hardworking man or woman and if you have all this qualities, you’re surely going to get a job, sooner or later. It can be difficult to start, because you need more than a god CV to get a job, but you shouldn’t give up that easily either.

 In Turkey business changes really fast and unemployment rates are quite high, but if you prepare yourself good, you have a good chance to get a nice job. You have to be patient. It is better if you have arranged a job before moving to Turkey, because that way, you won’t spend too much of your savings on rental costs and food. Always work on you language skills, if you speak Turkish very well, you can even get a job in a translation agency and this can later on get you a career on Turkish television. If you don’t speak Turkish that well, you have to work on it constantly. Nobody will take you seriously if you just have the basic level of this language.

If you want to start your small business of your own, you should talk to the locals and find out what they like, what they need, what they think about etc. personal trust is very important in Turkey, you should go out and meet as many people as you can and build strong connections. If you come from a good nation, like USA you can find a job as foreign language teacher. This sound very easy, but it also takes a lot of dedication and a lot of work. It is best to have a language degree if you want to teach in schools and college. If you don’t have to a language degree, you can earn money by offering private lessons. You can start by charging less and in this way, attract more people. If you are really good at this, you can offer people professional translations of court and medical documents by a lower price. In this way you’ll also build up your language skills (English and Turkish) and maybe even end up teaching in a private school. You can also become an editor or proofreader for some magazine or newspapers. If you are interested in translation services watch this video to find out more.

If you have experience working in customer service, you may find a job where you’ll handle international activities for companies that work with textile and shipping. Beside some experience, to properly handle this job, you need good communication skills.

You could apply for a babysitter in Turkey, because some richer families love hiring a nanny that will raise their children and teach them English in the same time. This could be your big advantage. They will pay you pretty good and maybe even invite you to live with them so you wouldn’t have to worry about paying your rent.

We hope we gave you a few ideas about what jobs can you get in Turkey. Remember to be patient and honest, polite and professional. If you are a good, fair person who loves to work, you’ll surely be given a good opportunity, sooner or later.

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Diamond Rings Are For More Than Engagements

The concept of a man buying a diamond ring to propose to a woman goes back for centuries. It has become such a standard, that the only people who do not buy diamond rings for engagements are the people who just cannot afford diamond rings or those who aim to defy the norms of society. Often, the people who cannot afford diamond rings will even finance the ring to do things the right way.

Emerald, Ring, Luxury, Diamond

Even though when most people think of diamond rings, they imagine an engagement ring, diamonds are also used in a variety of other rings. This means that women no longer have to be engaged to have a diamond ring on their finger, and furthermore, you can have more than one diamond ring. This is good news for women who live by the words, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend” or “Love fades, but diamonds are forever.”  To find out where to buy the best diamond ring, please visit the website.

It has become very popular in modern, upper-class society to purchase and wear a diamond ring for a big event. The rings for these big events are referred to as cocktail rings. Cocktail rings are not for everybody, and they especially are not for the modest. When you wear a diamond ring to an event, you are wearing it to be noticed. In these cases, the bigger the ring, the better because nothing is sure to catch the eye of whoever you are trying to be seen by better than a big, diamond ring.

Hands, Ring, Promise, Engagement, Love, Wedding

Of course, diamond rings do not necessarily need a special event to be shown off. Day to day fashion rings are perfect for the wealthy citizen who simply wants to share the beauty, which they can afford, with the world.

Another unique diamond ring that has become more popular in modern days is a man’s wedding ring. It used to be that diamonds were saved only for women, but nowadays, you are just as likely to see diamond stones on a man’s ring. These rings are popular among men whose wives have expensive taste. They are also commonly purchased in the gay community. A man may buy a wedding band with diamond stones in it for his husband or male partner. A woman may also buy a diamond wedding band for her wife or female partner.

With changes in society come shifts in the associations behind things like diamond rings and engagement rings. An engagement ring is still a particular kind of diamond ring and is often paired with an equally beautiful wedding band, but as you can see, there are now many more uses for diamond rings. As society continues to change, I would guess that we will see more diamond rings popping up for different reasons. Each one can be personalized with different color stones and different metals in the band. It will be interesting to see the further evolution of the diamond ring.

Clothes for women with style

Clothes for women with style

There are many different options when it comes to modern fashion, many different styles, just take a look around. People dress differently, depending on their age and fashion sense. But of course, there are some pieces of clothes that every woman should have in her closet.

First is patterned clothes. Whether the pattern is subtle or bold, it can make your overall look interesting and stylish. And who doesn’t like to see interesting pattern? Just don’t go overboard with accessories, all you need is one piece, for example a beautiful necklace and you are ready to go.

illa illaWhen it comes to patterned clothing try with Illa Illa clothing as they offer a wide choice of tops, dresses, shorts, skirts and rompers with amazing and unique patterns and different prints ideal for girls that love trendy, casual and bohemian lifestyle.

Second thing is a good pair of leggings. Whether they are regular black colored, or striped, patterned, this is a piece of clothes you can wear anywhere you want during the day. You can match them with clothes you already have in your closet, and are really comfortable and casual.

1759239_BlackSee You Monday clothing offers you a wide choice of different leggings and other products like dresses, pants and skirts, that are a part of everyday style.

And third piece of clothes is something that is comfortable but still fashionable and good looking. Comfortable doesn’t mean that it can’t look good and elegant. Why not be both stylish and comfortable?

Azules clothing makes comfortable and fabulous clothes that fits contemporary lifestyle with a bohemian touch. This clothes is made for trendy, confident and modern women, and they offer a variety of dresses, tops, bottoms and cardigans.

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Dental Care in Turkey is Surprisingly Cheaper and Excellent!

Dental Care in Turkey is Surprisingly Cheaper and Excellent!

Although Turkey isn’t really known as being among the most inexpensive countries, especially considering that Istanbul, the largest city in turkey has become even more costly, there is most likely no better location that combines a great vacation with dental tourism. As I’ll discuss below, rates are shockingly inexpensive while requirements are at Western expert levels.

I’ve traveled through most of the main tourist locations of the country, and I recently wrote about reasons everyone should go to Turkey, after having resided in the Mediterranean town of Kas for over a year. Some things (like beer) are weirdly costly in Turkey, but a lot of things are rather affordable, and oral work is remarkably inexpensive.

Avoiding to the bottom line first

I had a busted crown that I searchinged for replaced while I was residing in the touristy town of Kas, Turkey. I went in for a first visit on a Tuesday, and by Friday I had a brand-new porcelain crown installed for a bit under US$ 200 consisting of everything. The service and equipment were really expert and friendly and I’m confident it was very good work given that the majority of my expat pals there have been going to this dental practitioner (or a neighboring one) for several years with rave evaluations.

Crowns are costly almost everywhere

When I was living in the United States I paid over US$ 600 for crowns even with “oral insurance” back in the 1990s, and it seems prices have actually increased a couple of hundred dollars since then. Therefore I thought I ‘d get a missing out on crown (different from the busted one I had taken care of later on) changed when I remained in Southeast Asia in 2010.

I inspected prices of crowns at foreigner-friendly oral centers in Vietnam, and they were charging around US$ 500 and up, so I waited until I got to Bangkok where I ‘d live for a while so I could look around. After a great deal of research study I discovered that the majority of oral centers in Bangkok were likewise charging near US$ 600 for a porcelain crown, and I wound up discovering one for around US$ 470 in the end.

The center was expert looking and they probably charged lower prices because they were not near to Sukhumvit or other touristy locations, but the female dental professional did seem to rush through the work. Still, the crown was replaced and I enjoy with it.

Dental professionals in Turkey are remarkably affordable

Dental practitioner Chair Kas TurkeySo with the missing out on crown changed I eventually developed another issue when another old crown broke in two locations. There was no pain so I didn’t have to hurry to a dentist and I want I ‘d gone faster. All my expat good friends in the area said the two regional (both female) dental professionals were truly excellent and were fairly cheap so ultimately I went in for an appointment.

The office has one extremely contemporary chair and a big computer screen on the wall facing it. The devices and the method I was treated offered me excellent self-confidence, and as you know from above, the entire thing only cost US$ 200. To be more specific, the crown itself was 300TL and the fitting and short-lived crown cost 60TL; 360TL is around US$ 200.

A buddy of mine had two wisdom teeth plucked the other dental professional, and he had a few other small things done that needed about 6 overall gos to and the overall costs was 300TL, or about US$ 170. My crown was relatively pricey because most of that cash opted for the crown itself to be made.

Exactly what makes Turkish dentists so cheap?

Dentist Office kasFirst off, I ‘d bet that in Istanbul the rates are much higher, and they might be much higher in Antalya and Bodrum as well. Kas is a town of about 7,000, and for about 7 months a year there are just a couple hundred expats living there, so a dental professional has to charge prices that locals can manage. Considering that a lot of locals make just EUR200 or EUR300 monthly, they need to be inexpensive or no one would have any teeth left.

Likewise, there was literally no documents, and probably restricted liability insurance protection. When I made my consultation I was asked to compose my name in their schedule book, and that was it. There is an oral assistant during the procedures, however no army of billing people and receptionists. That alone cuts down expenses a lot, as does the extremely affordable rent I make sure they pay at the upstairs office near the center of town.

By the method, both dental professionals in Kas speak fluent English and were trained in Europe, so communication was no issue at all, despite the fact that the assistant spoke just a little bit of English.

If you go to a dental practitioner in the US or Europe then you could potentially sue them if something goes badly incorrect, however in dental work that is a small opportunity that I wanted to take. Also, as pointed out, the majority of my expat friends had been going to this dentist for years, so self-confidence was high.

Finding your own dental deal in Turkey

I didn’t do much research on this subject due to the fact that I resided in this town for a year and there are just 2 dental professionals there, but I ‘d think that my experience is common as long as you are in a city where regional salaries are low and the majority of tourist is only seasonal.

Neither of the dental professionals in Kas has a site yet so it will not be simple to investigate them online, however maybe dental practitioners in nearby Fethiye or Antalya have sites and contact info.

If you searching for dental work done and are going to invest at least a week in Turkey you must definitely research what you can prior to you go then go to as quickly as you arrive. For any individual needing a mouthful of work done it would deserve staying for at least a month since you’ll save a fortune and have a truly nice time in between visits.

Painting Contractors

Painting Contractors

Are you thinking about painting the walls in your house? Are you tired of dull looking walls and want them to be more interesting? If answer to these questions is yes you should definitely hire painting contractor, or paint the walls by yourself.

It is probably a good idea to leave it for painting contractors, as they are professionally equipped and possess the necessary experience to take up such work. Always make sure contractors have valid credentials and a good reputation, because everyone will claim for themselves that they are going to bring to the project a professionalism and expertise of high standard, it is on you to check if this is true or not.

Painting contractors can be local and national, but maybe it is easier and simpler to contact local ones, and you can also see their work and talk to their customers, because they already live in your city. So, you can make sure local contractors are good at what they do based on the experience of their customers. Also, communication and coordination are much easier if your contractors are local.

paint-color-ideas-for-living-room-accent-wallPainting your house can make your entire room look brighter, colorful, cheerful and more interesting than before. There are a lot of different choices, you can choose from different colors, shades, combination of colors, striped walls etc, different wall textures, and contractors will help you with it if you are not sure what would work and what wouldn’t. Every contractor should have a catalogue of available colors and wall textures. Make sure contractors you hired have necessary licensing and insurance.

You can also paint the walls by yourself, but if you hire professional painting contractors you can get rid of all the tension and worries, and don’t have to be afraid of spots on the walls and similar problems. Professional have done painting jobs hundreds or even thousands of times and have mastered their technique to perfection. Also you would have to buy all the required painting materials, choose the needed colors and spend hours and hours, while exposing yourself to the risk of injuries. On the other hand, professionals already have all needed equipment, probably better than you could buy, will arrange all the supplies and can even help you with choosing colors.

There are many different painting contractors that provide a variety of painting and restoration services, quality service and that ensure painting of your walls will be completed on time. Always make sure they have right credentials and a good reputation of being good at what they do, and that there is no or very little unsatisfied customers.

Loose Diamonds For Sale

Diamonds are one of the best-known gemstones and hardest-known material. They can be used in different areas, for example for industrial and other applications, but the mostly known use is for jewelry. Can be included in earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches but the most famous use is in engagement rings.

Diamonds are available everywhere, there are many diamond shops and jewelry stores so to purchase them is easier than it ever was. They can be bought in two ways, as a part of the jewelry, or loose. Of course, it depends on what do you prefer, both ways have advantages. If you decide to buy already made jewelry, good thing is that you have many possibilities to choose from. You can see already made jewelry, see all kinds of different sizes, shapes, colors and carats, decide what you like and what you don’t like and then pick the piece of jewelry that attracted your attention and that you found most appealing, and buy it for yourself or for the loved one.

The other possibility is to buy loose diamond and then design your own piece of jewelry to include it in. Just buy a diamond that is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and bring it to custom jeweler, explain to him how you want your jewelry to look like, and watch your idea come true. In this case good thing is that you are not limited to the jewelry that already exists, you can design it yourself. That way emotional bond to it is stronger and it makes that piece of jewelry more meaningful. But you have to be able to design it.

Buying loose diamonds is becoming more and more popular because, when buying for example a ring for the loved ones, you want them to have something made especially for them, something that is unique in this world, something that no one other has. Unique as a person for whom the rings is made for.



When it comes to loose diamonds for sale, there are many diamond shops and jewelry stores so the possibilities are unlimited. Also you can buy loose diamonds online. That is maybe even better choice than in stores because they have all kinds of loose diamonds, thousands and thousands of offers, while stores can display just a certain, limited number.

Also, the advantage of online buying is that you can type certain specifications you are looking for in search field, for example what shape of diamond do you want, or how many carats, and diamonds matching your search criteria will show up. You can also compare diamonds between themselves and compare their prices on different websites. Also they are usually offered at lower prices than in stores. When buying diamonds make sure they are GIA certified. GIA or Gemological Institute of America is worldwide accepted authority of diamond certification.

The Nazis with the Leftist ideology were threats to society or not?

team-386673_640According to a debate related with the Nazis, the placement of the Nazis in the political spectrum has enjoyed a new beginning of late.  This debate never was out of focus but with recent times, there has been something with the new birth. For this, the bizarre suspension is to be thanked which was re-tweeted by Dr. Rachel Frosh, who is from the Conservative Party Candidate. This tweet was linked to Nazism and Socialism.

This is indeed an embarrassing matter and, in fact, a sad and clear comment about the words “Never again” is just higher than the hollow slogan. If the proposal is refused to accept and is challenged to the ideological origins of any movement, there is no precise way to prevent from facing the same again. The ideological movements concluded in a systematic murder of numerous of human beings those are innocent.

The facts of Leftist ideology

Looking at some defining features of conservatism is the easiest way that would prove that the origins of Nazism are not remotely conservative in any way. The few of the defining features are mentioned below.

  • The society rooted in aristocracy and monarchy is preferred as a mass democracy.
  • There is a transcendental moral order which is preserved in Western Civilization and passed down through the Church.
  • The foundations of ordered liberty are the property rights
  • The universal conservative belief defines that any necessary societal change must slowly occur without damaging the structural institutions of ancient and those which are proven.
  • The social problems don’t come from the broken traditions and the institutions rather these comes from men whose morals are broken.

Hitler and his thoughts as Leftist

  • It can be said that Nazism had no love for monarchy or aristocracy.
  • This can be concluded as Hitler didn’t reinstate the House of Hohenzollern and made himself the Dictator.
  • This belief that the son of a minor servant, Hitler himself, had the right to rule over Germany can be hardly called as traditionally conservative.
  • Apart from these, it is well known that Hitler disliked the aristocratic military establishment.
  • The lack of “Von” in front of his surname was a permanent chip on his shoulder.
  • Himmler, as was granted, liked to play feudal lord with the SS, but his thoughts were based on feudalism.
  • All of these defines clearly that the conservative feature number two is Christianity.
  • It is clearly documented that Himmler was obsessed with paganism.
  • Hitler would have viewed SS as his body guard, but Himmler viewed as pagan knights templar who were destined to recreate a utopic, pre-Christian Teutonic society.

The Influence of Leftist Ideology

  • The Christian ideology of the Nazism had rejected the Jewish Bible in its entirety and also had rejected Jesus’ Jewish origins.
  • This wished to wipe Catholicism off from the earth and thus a united Nazi Protestant Church was created.
  • The Nazis had no respect for the traditional property rights.
  • They had nationalized industries, advocated progression taxation schemes and were virulently anti-capitalist.
  • The Nazis were called as the “Right Wing” from the first itself but was a slander employed by other socialists that meant to discredit the socialists of distinctly nationalist.